Regeneration in Margate - why not Westcliff?

Margate before
Margate after

These before and after images of Margate show just what can be done. The historic centre of the town has been regenerated through £2.5m investment from Historic England and the EU, revitalising closed and boarded up premises and bringing life and employment back to the area.

This can happen in Hamlet Court Road but only with support from businesses and the public. Here are the first businesses and groups to sign up to supporting regeneration - why not join them?

YMCA  |  ENS Health & Social Care Recruitment  |  Aaron Lyons Goldsmith  |  Urban Utopia Hairdressing  |  One Base Media  |  Classic Cap  |  Tina's Shabby Chic  |  Alex's Fish & Chip Shop  |  Fresco Box  |  Bathstore  |  CAWS (Conservation Association for Westcliff Seaboard) |  Frank & Luna's


Hamlet Court Conservation Forum has the regeneration of Hamlet Court Road as one of it primary aims. Current activity to try to bring this about includes helping to mobilise a local business partnership with the Council and lobbying the Council for regeneration to be supported in the forthcoming local plan. To help businesses that might not have the time or inclination to attend regular meetings we are offering to act as a proxy enabler, where we attend the meetings, handle the information flow and opportunities, bringing this back to business for THEIR OWN decision taking. Where we can we would then help with project roll out.  To find out more please contact us here


The once great Edwardian shopping street has suffered greatly with changing times, the massive uptake of out of town shopping over the last 30 years and latterly the huge onset of online and click & collect retailing. Retailing has changed and this has badly effected Hamlet Court Road like many other high streets and sub-high streets around the UK. Footfall is not only way down but the shopper profile has changed, with low value convenience shopping now the order of the day. The world is changing faster now than at any time with the digital revolution so new ways of thinking and new practices are inevitable.

But much of the historic fabric of Hamlet Court Road survives, in good or reasonable (repairable) condition. Yes the prevalence of poor quality modern shop fronts is a distraction but these can be replaced and improved over time and with the appropriate guidance. It is even possible that funding streams, backed by a comprehensive regeneration project, could assist this improvement. Policy and guidance could assist both the historical replacement or the most modern shop front approach. Other works repairing lost and damaged fabric could also happen.

By supporting this heritage and seeking the help of organisations like Historic England the community can coalesce around the heritage values of the historic past as a springboard to the future, helping to support existing traders and explore new ideas to build, perhaps slowly over time, a new thriving business and residential community.

Please lend your support to this project here.